Barn Style

Side View of Stables

Overhead View of Stables

Stable Specifications

We erect these generously sized stables in single rows, separated by a spacious 12-foot aisle, under a modern curved Clearspan® roof. The barn stables provide an excellent environment for horses to relax and superior working conditions for grooms and riders. These spacious temporary stabling barns are suited to both event hire and long-term stabling.

The height of the roof and the continuous open eave design ensures that there is a good natural air flow and improves the fire safety of the stable block.


Additional Options for Barn Style Stabling

Temporary Veterinary Block

A dry, bright, and well ventilated roughly 40′ x 40′ structure containing four 10′ x 14′ treatment stables, a 20′ x 14′ open vetting inspection area and a 20′ x 14′ secure vets office. Features lockable, sliding entrance doors accessing the 12′ wide central aisle with a fixed partition at the rear.

Secure with lockable exterior barn doors (padlock) & lockable interior office doors (key).

The Veterinary Block delivers a safe and comfortable environment for all parties.

Solid, opaque, HDPE, interior roof on the vets office for added comfort and security. The office ceiling height is 7.5 feet.

Constructed with the same framework, HDPE partitions and Clearspan® roof as our innovative Temporary Barn Stables.

The HDPE partitions are easy to clean and can also be effectively sprayed with an antibacterial agent, such as Vircon, if required.

Floor, carpet, and furniture are all available for the vets office feature.

10' x 10' Shower Wash Stalls

The covered 10′ x 10′ shower wash stalls with rot-proof HDPE partitions (of the same specification as the Quickstables) are set up as per the Single Row Stables with white or green PVC roofs covering the three- sided wall structure using our tension roof system.

“Your attention to detail in building your event should include the finest quality stalls. Your competitors will thank you for it.”

-Clayton Fredericks, CEO

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